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"Our products aren’t just made to be worn,
they’re Made To Live In."  

Faye Wong, global spokesperson for NEIWAI.

Our Story

Founded in Shanghai in 2012, NEIWAI’s mission has always been to make the best quality apparel in the world. After a decade of research, development, and growth, we are now a world-renowned premium lifestyle brand with offerings for men and women in underwear, casual style & loungewear, and athleisure.

Freedom of the mind is rooted in freedom of the body. Our unique designs and proprietary fabric technology aim to help you experience exceptional physical comfort, achieve authentic self-expression, and encourage a deeper understanding of your inner self and your connection to the outside world. More than just stylish or comfortable, our products are Made To Live In.

Our Design Philosophy

NEIWAI insists on meaningful fashion that meets the diverse needs of a wide range of people. Our goal in every design is to optimize your physical comfort while also crafting an aesthetic that speaks to - and for - your heart.  We believe in the power of clothing and style to spark creativity, self-expression, and to bridge the connection between your true, inner self and the outer you that you show the world. 

Through our collections, we hope to be a constant companion on every adventure in your life – in every precious moment.

Model wearing a yellow NEIWAI bodysuit.

We are committed to sustainability.

We strive to be conscientious when sourcing our fabrics, choosing high quality, eco-friendly materials from suppliers like PrimaLoft®, VITA, Carbon Zero by TENCEL™ and other brands that share our commitment to a cleaner planet.

On average, our packaging uses 40% fewer materials than packaging used by traditional fashion brands. This lightweight design cuts 450+ tons of waste every year – saving approximately 600 trees as a result.

Faye Wong, global spokesperson for NEIWAI.

Meet Faye Wong

A one of a kind, legendary superstar and role model for many, Faye embodies everything that we hope to empower in those who wear us - free in body and mind, she's effortlessly herself at all times and fiercely independent in a profoundly international way.

We are proud to have Faye representing us as NEIWAI's Global Spokesperson as we expand our vision around the world.

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