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FREE SHIPPING on All US Orders $50+. 30 Days Free Returns.
FREE SHIPPING on All US Orders $50+. 30 Days Free Returns.

Our Story

"The freedom of body and mind in a profoundly international way. " 

Faye Wong, global spokesperson for NEIWAI.

Our Global Spokesperson

Meet Faye Wong - a one-of-a-kind superstar, a legendary woman.

We are proud to have her as our Global Spokesperson. Faye is everything that we stand for - free in body and mind in a profoundly international way.

"Our products aren’t just made to be worn,
they’re Made To Live In."  

Model wearing a yellow NEIWAI bodysuit.

Our Brand Philosophy

NEIWAI (pronounced NAY-WHY; translated “Inside and Out”) launched in Shanghai in 2012 with the aspiration to create lingerie & loungewear that free ours wearers' bodies and minds.

Our products are meant for more than just being worn day-to-day, they’re Made To Live In - practical, stylish, comfortable, and ready to go wherever life takes you.

NEIWAI celebrates women everywhere, and we strive to be a constant companion on every adventure in their life – in every precious moment.

We are committed to sustainability.

We’ve adopted a conscientious approach to sourcing the fabrics use in our products. We use high quality, eco-friendly materials such as recycled nylon, Supima® Cotton, TENCEL™ Modal, and Spandex.

We’ve transitioned to packaging that uses 40% fewer materials than traditional packaging. This lightweight design cuts 450 tons of waste each year – that’s approximately 600 trees saved per year as a result.

Our PANTIE PRO™ is a washable and reusable alternative to conventional liners that offers 24/7 protection. In time, we hope it can replace pads, tampons, and applicators, further reducing the use of non-biodegradable disposable products.

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San Francisco Ballet principal Yuan Yuan Tan modeling a bra and pants made in collaboration with NEIWAI.


Interior photo of one of NEIWAI's office facilities.

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