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Free Shipping for All US Orders $30+

Barely Zero®


A True Innovation.

• Removes the frustration of selecting bra sizes online!
• Comfort like you’ve never felt before!
• Support for wherever life takes you, even during sleep.
• Suitable for all lower bust with 30-40 inches and all A-D+ cup sizes!

"Your Size Is The Size"


Faye's Favorite Bra

The launch of Barely Zero marks NEIWAI's 8th anniversary and represents everything we've learned about women's care and comfort.  It has become Faye's favorite undergarment since launch.

An improvement on earlier designs, Barely Zero is a truly one-size-fits-all undergarment set that adapts to fit nearly any body shape - and it does it with as much support and comfort as you'd expect from a traditional one-sized bra or brief.

Barely Zero isn't just the next step in our aspirational efforts, it's...

"The next step in the evolution of
women's underwear."


Practically invisible, even under tight clothing.

Support all day.
Comfort all night.


One long-lasting set = fewer wasted materials.

A fit so great you’ll forget it’s there.

Complete your set for less.


Timeless design. Flawless beauty.

Barely Zero adapts to your body's changes from diet and exercise, natural weight fluctuation, and even maternity.
Wherever life takes you, Barely Zero is there with unprecedented support and versatility.

Many Bodies. One Size.

Available in Black, Coral, and Nude - with more colors coming soon.
Each color set includes corresponding bra & brief - available separately or in bundles.


Here's what early recipients of Barely Zero have to say (they aren't going back):

"When NEIWAI sent me this bra, I expected something like a normal sports bra. I thought I'd wear it a couple times and just add it to the rest of my underwear drawer. No, this is something really special."

alYson g. - fresno, ca

"I can't wait for these to go on sale so I can buy a couple more sets. I literally don't want to wear anything else. Truly a fantastic bra and pair of underwear."


"When I don't feel like wearing a bra, I reach for my Barely Zero. The underwear are so flexible that I hardly feel them. NEIWAI is onto something here."

Sofia t. - fort lauderdale, fl

"I really do feel like I could wear Barely Zero anywhere. Work. The gym. Bed. I'm really impressed by this bra!"

Abby M. - Albuquerque, NM

Are you ready to free yourself from traditional underwear?

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