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Chinese Lingerie Brand NEIWAI Raised $100M in Series D Funding

The 10-year-old brand said the money raised will be used to develop products and categories, raise brand awareness and accelerate global expansion. NEIWAI, which means “inside-outside” in Mandarin, was founded in 2012 by Xiaolu Liu and her husband Jiang Li after the couple returned home to Shanghai from the U.S. They began by creating high-quality, wireless bras that were comfortable yet stylish and ...


June 11, 2021

Father's Day: Comfort for the most
important men in our lives.

Father’s Day is fast approaching; it’s the day of the year when we celebrate the most important men in our lives – our own dads and the fathers of our children. We've seen how soft and caring they can be, but our societies and cultures often act as if men have to be rough ‘n tough to be 'manly.' (Even worse, many men believe it and ...


April 23, 2021

NEIWAI's 2021
Mother's Day Gift Guide

We have so much to thank our mothers for, and that’s what Mother’s Day is all about - it's that one day of the year when we go above and beyond for our moms to show them how thankful we are. They deserve some of the love, comfort, and support they taught us so much about, and NEIWAI is here to help you find just the right kind for your mom in this guide!


Chinese DTC Brands Going Global: Interview With Xiaolu Liu, Founder Of NEIWAI

Over the past few years, numerous Chinese DTC brands have emerged and quickly become leaders in their product categories. After achieving massive success within China, we are now seeing many of them start ...


April 12, 2021

2021 Barely Zero - Better Than Ever

Barely Zero is better than ever – but don’t worry, you should still expect the same comfort and support you’ve come to know and love (and of course, Your Size is STILL The Size). Barely Zero has been one of our most popular sets since we introduced it last fall, and we’ve been listening to your feedback - the launch of the 2021 version of Barely Zero takes much of that into account, and this newest release brings several improvements...


April 5, 2021

Our First Styling Contest Winners!

If you submitted a photo to our Styling Barely Zero contest, thank you! We loved and adored them all, and it was so hard to choose our favorites - so rather than closing it down completely, we encourage you all to keep tagging and sharing with us on Instagram! We want to see your photos and hear your stories (just like our winners' below), and if you share something that we want to repost & share elsewhere you'll get a $50 gift card!