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No Body Is Nobody

March 2, 2021

In 2020, NEIWAI started a journey of exploration into true and diverse beauty with the first segment of our NO BODY IS NOBODY campaign. It received critical acclaim and drew the attention of publications such as Campaign, Today, and most recently Business of Fashion.

Now, the campaign continues into 2021 with a new chapter that intensifies the original message. With this new starting point, we continue to listen and explore the stories of real women and their efforts to live in defiance of stereotypes. We aim to show the collective power of contemporary women from a female perspective, and finally make it known that all women are innately beautiful – not just in spite of their flaws, but because of them. 

There’s a story in every detail of the body. The Sun’s vibrance leaves its mark, growth and age contribute their lines in time; the wrinkles on our noses when we laugh, our natural freckles and skin color, our muscles and posture – each of these writes its part of the story, and the body records everything honestly. It is part of our identity, and whether we choose to accept or resist our beauty and our defects the body contains the life stories of us all.

Each of us are unique, and yet we are all women. The more we come to recognize the similarities in each other, the greater the empathy we’ll have for others and ourselves. We should seek to understand our fellow women - why some of us are suffering and why others are happy, and why some of us are willing to speak louder than others.

See and appreciate your own true and diverse beauty so that you can then recognize and encourage it in others. Let’s praise each other, and work together to for the strength and freedom of all women!

Unique and independent; but still within the collective power of all women, there’s nothing standing between us. 

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