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Father's Day:
Comfort for the most important men in our lives.

June 11, 2021

If you’ve been following NEIWAI for a while then you know that the brand was founded on the principles of women’s comfort and freedom of expression. If you’ve worn our clothes, we hope that these are the things that come to mind when you hear our name, and that you experience the level of comfort we aim to give to all fans of the brand!

So, it’s no secret that women have always been our focus. Most of our designers and team members are women. Most of our customers are women. But this year saw the release of the first piece of menswear in our US Store: a three-pack of fine Modal-blend boxer briefs. This was new territory, but it should come as no surprise that they’re an extremely luxurious kind of boxer brief – the principles that inspire our women’s garments inspired our first piece of menswear too.

NEIWAI: not just for her anymore.

Modal is silky-soft, thin, yet surprisingly durable. Practically invisible even in tight pants - perfect for men who put effort into how they look or regularly wear suits.

It's hard to find Modal underwear for men in North America.

Ours are actually a 90% Modal, 10% Spandex blend, so they're silky soft with just enough stretch that they feel like they’re barely there at all. These qualities, combined with their supportive shape and thin waistband make for a brief that's simply more comfortable than most American underwear. A majority of other brands use cotton as their primary fabric in men's underwear. Cotton is a great material for undergarments - we're not knocking it! Some of our most popular women’s briefs are made of Turkish cotton or Supima American cotton. But we wanted to offer men a unique kind of comfort that they’d never felt before.

Father’s Day is fast approaching; it’s the day of the year when we celebrate the most important men in our lives – our own dads and the fathers of our children. We've seen how soft and caring they can be, but our societies and cultures often act as if men have to be rough ‘n tough to be 'manly.' (Even worse, many men believe it and treat themselves poorly as a result.) This believe has led comfort being treated as merely a secondary (or even tertiary) quality in their clothing. The truth is, there’s great variety in masculinity, but the softer parts are too often ignored in pursuit of this rugged ideal. Men can be soft, gentle, they can want comfort; these things are okay. They're still men. That’s why we decided to make a luxurious kind of men’s underwear, something unlike most other available brands – something that, above all else, is comfortable to wear.

Modal is silky-soft, thin, yet surprisingly durable. Practically invisible even in tight pants - perfect for men who put effort into how they look or regularly wear suits.

Most of our collections are for women; that isn't likely to change. To date, many of our men’s boxer briefs have actually been purchased by women for their partners, spouses, or adult children (comfort is a great gift, after all – and now through Father’s Day you can get a free 3-pack of our men’s boxer briefs with any order of $100+). That’s okay, for now – but we hope to swing the needle just a little bit soon with new lines of menswear. It’s not time for an official announcement yet, but stay tuned for more products made with men’s comfort in mind later this year!

Until then, and especially this Father’s Day, let's all remember that men deserve comfort too and do our part to make sure the most important ones in our lives are reminded of this fact. There should be nothing controversial about a man choosing to take care of himself, or needing a little help getting there!

This Father's Day, remind the most important men in your life that it's okay to prioritize comfort.

Thank you for reading, and happy Father's Day from your friends at NEIWAI.