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Barely Zero – History in the Making

October 17, 2020

Last month saw the launch of the much-anticipated Barely Zero Collection. In case you haven’t heard, Barely Zero is a true one-size-for-all undergarment set that uses innovative fabric blends to adapt to any body shape. It’s been a hit so far and we’re thankful for your enthusiasm – we knew you’d love it! But a game-changing product like this doesn’t just happen overnight, so we wanted to share the story of how Barely Zero came to be.

Models wearing NEIWAI's Barely Zero bra and brief sets in coral, nude, and black.

It all started in 2013.

To mark the first anniversary of the founding of the company, NEIWAI formed an all-women design team in early 2013 with the goal to create something new – something that, in line with the company’s philosophies, would help women feel free both inside and out. They succeeded, and that October saw the launch of their first core product: a zero-binding, rimless bra. The team’s core design was focused on "comfort like wearing no underwear.” The result lived up to the ideal – when wearing it, you felt free.

This original bra’s concept was the spark that grew into the wildfire that is Barely Zero. 

Back to the drawing board.

In 2016, we decided it was time to re-polish our design with the launch of our Zero Sensitive series.

Zero Sensitive was similar to our original product series, but with greater style variations for different groups and scenes, such as pregnancy and maternity, more girlish styles, and a sports model. We have continuously improved Zero Sensitive since its launch and after several changes to the original designs we renamed it Pure Comfort – this series remains a best seller to this day.

The development of the Pure Comfort Collection was a huge undertaking and the lessons we learned along the way are invaluable. We’re hear feedback like “When I don’t feel like wearing a bra, I wear NEIWAI instead.” That standard of comfort is our motivation to keep innovating, and though we’re proud of Pure Comfort we’ve always want to do more. 

The next step in the evolution of women’s underwear.

Barely Zero® pushes the boundaries of women’s lingerie:

• Negates the need for separate sizes. Barely Zero®’s one size provides comprehensive support for women in the A-D cup range.

• Made from patented new fabric blends that feel like cotton but with stretch, resilience, and odor-control that cotton only dreams of.

• Barely Zero® isn’t just a bra – we’ve also designed a matching one-size-for-all brief. Women who wear S-XL underwear (waist 62-88CM & hip 80-100CM) can choose any pair with their eyes closed and expect them to fit. 

Models wearing NEIWAI's Barely Zero bra and brief sets in coral, black, and nude.

Barely Zero® improves on the classic concept of "comfort like wearing no underwear.” Its versatility is inspired by everything we learned when we engineered the Zero Sensitive/Pure Comfort collection. The proverbial torch has passed to Barely Zero® and it carries it well. Our designs, fabrics, and size system have undergone a makeover, but our original vision has never changed – the foundation of the Barely Zero® Collection is women’s freedom and comfort.

One-for-all sizing isn’t the end of underwear sizing, but it is an important innovation. It allows for a freedom of choice that recognizes and respects diversity, efficiency, and versatility. Our bodies are different from one another, and they change over time – Barely Zero® offers a bra and brief that will fit nearly anyone who puts it on, regardless of their size and shape, and go with her wherever life takes her – adapting to changes in weight, health, and more. Barely Zero® is one size: yours. Your Size is The Size.

Thank you for being with us on this journey. We couldn't have done it without your support along the way.

Now that you know where your Barely Zero® started, where will you take it next? 

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