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2021 Barely Zero - Better Than Ever

April 12, 2021

Barely Zero is better than ever – but don’t worry, you should still expect the same comfort and support you’ve come to know and love (and of course, Your Size is STILL The Size).

Barely Zero has been one of our most popular sets since we introduced it last fall, and we’ve been listening to your feedback - the launch of the 2021 version of Barely Zero takes much of that into account, and this newest release brings several improvements. Some changes are technical, some are perceptual, but all were made with one purpose: making Barely Zero better for you.

New colors, new styles, 
same great fit and comfort.

New colors, new styles, same great fit and comfort.

One of the first changes you’ll notice as you browse these new entries into the Barely Zero Collection are our new color selections; we’ve chosen six earthy, neutral colors that are easy to style and match with existing clothing in your wardrobe (and NEIWAI's upcoming SS21 releases, like our Gentlewomen Collection that just launched!). These color shades are flattering to a variety of skin tones, and just as the original Barely Zero, they're meant to enhance the rest of your outfit.

Another change we’re excited about is the introduction of our new Spaghetti Strap style! 2021 Barely Zero is available in both Classic & Spaghetti Strap styles; the Classic straps are a holdover from the original release of Barely Zero, while the Spaghetti Straps are a thinner version that are easier to hide under the straps of a top or dress. We recognized that having a subtler option would open the door to so many more styling options! 

Once you finally get your hands on your new 2021 Barely Zero set, one of the next improvements you're likely to notice has to do with the edges of the CloudFit fabric. We’ve improved this innovative fabric blend in a couple of ways, and this process has brought better durability to the edges of both the bra and the brief, preventing the curling that some experienced at the edges of their first generation garments! Not only is this an aesthetic improvement, but it also extends the overall longevity of your Barely Zero set, guaranteeing more wears and a greater lifespan of comfort.

As you wear your new & improved Barely Zero this summer, you may also notice that we’ve improved the moisture-wicking and odor-reductive capabilities of our CloudFit fabric blend. According to our tests, we've improved these factors by nearly 10%!

Though it doesn't directly pertain to the bra or brief themselves, we’re also proud to announce that we’ve transitioned to using 100% post-consumer materials in 2021 Barely Zero’s packaging – and not only that,  we’ve specifically given our new environmentally-friendly packaging an understated design to make it easy to reuse or repurpose, further reducing waste! This is yet another step in our commitment to greater sustainability, and we can't wait to see the creative second lives that you and the rest of our customers give to your Barely Zero boxes!

2021 Barely Zero's packaging is 100% recycled and at least 200% reusable.

2021 Barely Zero's packaging is 100% recycled and at least 200% reusable.

We hope you'll find renewed comfort & support all summer long in your 2021 Barely Zero - stay tuned to our blog and subscribe to our newsletters for more updates about upcoming products and new releases, and follow us on Instagram for style inspiration, giveaways, and contests!

Browse our new 2021 Barely Zero collection additions: