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  • November 12, 2021 Shopify API

    NEIWAI's 2021 Gift Guide for Cozier Holidays

    It’s that time of year again, the time of giving, gifting, & celebrating: the holidays! However you celebrate, we think you’ll agree that warm clothes, good food, and family make this the coziest season of all.

    This year more than ever, we’re celebrating and focusing on family. Many are reuniting for the first time after last year’s holiday season social distancing. Brothers and sisters are coming together to laugh and share stories from the last two years, while some grandparents are even meeting new grandchildren for the first time. This year, we’re celebrating being Together Again.

    Family is many things, but especially during the holidays family is comfort - a mental kind of comfort, of loving and being loved, of generosity and support. As a brand, NEIWAI’s deeply invested in comfort - when people wear our clothes, we’re there with them in the moment with a kind of physical comfort that you can only get from premium fabrics and quality designs. We hope to bring these together this year: to help you mingle our physical comfort with the mental comfort of being with your family again to make this the coziest holiday season ever.

    Our catalog has expanded quite a lot this year, so to make it easier we’ve organized some of our most popular pieces into convenient price categories. And stay tuned: we’ll be updating the selections below as new styles from our ongoing 2021 Fall & Winter Collection are launched!
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  • June 11, 2021 Shopify API

    Father's Day: Comfort for the most important men in our lives.

    Father’s Day is fast approaching; it’s the day of the year when we celebrate the most important men in our lives – our own dads and the fathers of our children. We've seen how soft and caring they can be, but our societies and cultures often act as if men have to be rough ‘n tough to be 'manly.' (Even worse, many men believe it and ...
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